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Building fences commercially since 1984, Fences of Texas is owned and operated by its founder, Darrell Moeller.

The business is head quartered on the historic Moeller Ranch located between New Braunfels and Bulverde where they have been satisfying the fencing need of the Texas “Hill Country” and surrounding areas for 28 years. Being a lifelong resident to the area with German ancestry, Mr. Moeller has used his ranching and construction experience, familiarity to the area and need of the people to build a dependable, reputable business, which is second to none in quality and service. Providing courteous, dependable service to produce a long-lasting, top-quality product has been the Fences of Texas goal from the beginning.

These goals, along with Mr. Moeller’s dedicated effort to be the best, have provided the necessary means for satisfying the many customers throughout the years. Repeat customers from over 20 years ago might see some of the same people working on their fences now as they did in the past. Four of the crew foreman have a combined fence building experience of 95 years, exclusively with Fences of Texas. Experienced workers providing professional service along with essential equipment using the best quality material available, produce a top quality, long lasting product for a satisfied customer.

What Our Clients Said...
Jack Borchers
This is an example of a Darrell Moeller built fence done for me more than 20 years ago. It still serves the purpose very effectively.
Jack Borchers
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Wooden Rail Fences - Treated Lumber

Wooden Rail Fences

They can be built with a variety of materials, but the most common to our area are the Texas “Hill Country” Cedar, Split Cedar and Treated Lumber.

Wooden Rail FenceView Gallery
Metal Rail Fences - Pipe Entrance

Metal Rail Fences

Are commonly built with used oil field pipe, however we prefer to use new pipe or square tubing if the customer desires a long lasting professional paint job. Galvanized pipe is also a possiblilty to be used.

Metal Rail Fences - Square TubingView Gallery
Cedar Post Ranch Fences

Cedar Post Ranch Fences

A common fence in the central Texas region where the early frontier settlers found that the native cedar found in the “Hill Country” had a heart that would last a lifetime. The cedar posts, which were readily available became and still are today a popular fence material.

Cedar Post Ranch Fences - LivestockView Gallery
Pipe/T-Post Ranch Fences - Game Proof

Pipe/T-Post Ranch Fences

Abundant supplies of used oil field pipe started the evolution of traditional wooden post fences to pipe. Current prices for new pipe have kept pipe post fences competitive with usually less expensive wooden posts. We prefer to use new pipe which allows us to give the customer a long lasting professional paint job.

Pipe/T-Post Ranch Fences - LivestockView Gallery
Wooden Privacy/Picket Type Fences

Wooden Privacy/Picket Type Fences

Specializing in Texas “Hill Country” Cedar picket type fences and milled cedar lumber from our sawmill we can also build the traditional fences of cedar or treated lumber.

Wooden Privacy/Picket Type Fences - TraditionalView Gallery
Ornamental Iron Fences - Custom

Ornamental Iron

The original sold steel “wrought iron” fences are how more commonly custom built of metal square tubing materials or assembled from prefabricated galvanized and powder coat painted products.

Ornamental Iron Fences - CustomView Gallery
Chain Link Fences

Chain Link

Commercial, industrial or residential, we can build whatever you need.

Chain Link FencesView Gallery
Garden Fences

Garden Fences

Garden FencesView Gallery
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