Gates & Entrances

The amount of pride and experience that goes into the construction of your fences should also apply towards your gates and/or entrances(s).

Attractive, functional, dependable and long lasting gates are an important feature of any type of fence or entrance. Our experienced crews can install a pre-fabricated gate or stone columns are necessary to support drive thru type swinging gates which are usually 10-16’ wide. Sliding gates may exceed widths of 25-30’.

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Jack Borchers
This is an example of a Darrell Moeller built fence done for me more than 20 years ago. It still serves the purpose very effectively.
Jack Borchers
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Ranch & Residential Entry Gates

Ranch & Residential Entry Gates

The front gate to your property should be well built attractive and properly installed since it will probably be frequently used and highly visible. Whether you select a custom built ornamental iron entry gate w/decorative stone columns and walls or a simple, wooden ranch gate mounted on cedar posts we can build it to fit any town or country environment. A variety of solar and electric powered automatic swing or slide gate equipment can be installed to fit your need on any gate.

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Drive Thru Gates

Drive Thru Gates

Drive thru gates are important to have in the right places for vehicles, equipment and livestock access. These gates are available in many types of pre-fabricated metal styles or can be custom built out of wood or metal. To support these type gates which usually 10-16’ wide, heavy duty hinges are necessary and latches can be made to be lockable.

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Walk Thru Gates

Walk Thru Gates

Typically 3-8’ wide, walk thru gates can be built to match any type of fence. Custom built metal or wooden and pre-fabricated gates can be installed into any type of fencing. Dependable, sturdy latches are available in lockable and child proof versions.

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