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Specializing in “Texas Hill Country” cedar, the sawmill at Moeller Ranch was originally intended to mill square cut post and rails for use in the fence business.

The natural beauty of the wood and the popularity of rustic wood furniture was the inspiration needed to design and build cedar furniture. The sawmill is not only used to mill fence components and furniture material for our own use, but we also offer custom sawmilling for customers.

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Jack Borchers
This is an example of a Darrell Moeller built fence done for me more than 20 years ago. It still serves the purpose very effectively.
Jack Borchers
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Custom Sawmilling

Custom Sawmilling

Our horizontal “Band Saw” type sawmill is located at the Moeller Ranch near New Braunfels. We will custom mill Texas Hill Country Cedar for our customers per their requests and/or cut different types of wood furnished by the customer.

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Texas “Hill Country” Cedar Furniture

Texas “Hill Country” Cedar Furniture

Moeller Ranch offers our own line of rustic, ranch type furniture and we will also custom build different pieces of furniture from our customers plans. Unlike the typical “round log” type furniture, our unique square cut, milled cedar provides the rustic look along with a smoother finished product that highlights the heart of the wood.

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